We welcome you to our new official website of the diocese of Kisumu and western Kenya.

Our website has been reconstructed to include all details of recent events and the missionary work which is of prime importance to the successful functioning of our diocese and church here in Kisumu western Kenya. The two thousand year old history of our Patriarchate of Alexandria and all Africa with it’s founder the Holy Apostle and Evangelist Mark who was martyred in Alexandria continues and will continue until the ages of ages. Thus Christianity has spread to the rest of the African continent whereby people have come to and are recognizing our Lord crucified and resurrected.

The orthodox missionary work in Kenya started some sixty years ago with the vision of the Archbishop and President of the Republic of Cyprus Makarios III, to form a church whereby people would come to know of our resurrected Lord, and has grown today to consist of schools, a college, clinics, the theological seminary and many other departments. Because of its diversity our Patriarchate of Alexandria via synodical decisions has created the two other dioceses one of Nieri and mount Kenya, and the diocese of Kisumu and western Kenya.

The first bishop of the diocese of Kisumu and beloved to all of us His Grace Athanasios passed away prematurely on the 4 of January 2019 and our Patriarch and the Holy Synod of our Patriatchate elected me as second bishop of this Holy Diocese on the 9th of October 2019.

The work of the church which Christ formed on the day of Pentecost with His Holy Apostles must continue and we are invited to this Holy calling to convey our Lord’s message and baptise all nations as Christ told His Disciples in the name of the Father and the son and the Holy Spirit.

It is only through the cooperation and love of you who are benefactors to the children and needy of this world who via media like our humble website and Facebook that our missionary work here in Kisumu will be able to thrive in order that our flock here may have clean water, a clinic, medication, and the opportunity to go to school and church and learn about God.

I convey our Patriarch Theodoros II blessings to all and your family and hope to  be in contact with you all.


With blessings in our Lord and

In His service

Bishop Marcos of Kisumu